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We have provided some Testimonials for your convenience.

Please Note: For confidentiality reasons, we have purposely withheld the identification of our clients.

Mrs S.M.

I would like to recommend to you the services of Joanne Sharah of Sharah and Associates.
Her professionalism in which she conducts her business is of the highest possible standards. She came highly recommended to me during the selling of my Camperdown home and the buying of my Kyeermagh home.
Let me say that I had my fears with legal people, what one hears about the professionalism and the cost!

You can put your mind at ease with Joanne. She will treat your business with respect and her prices are very reasonable. As a pensioner and a widow, both are a priority for me.
Mrs S.M.

Mr J.A.C.

I was recommended by a close friend in the law industry to contact your office regarding my family law problems. After a lengthy two-year battle at the family law court building in the city, I am grateful and delighted to have your staff and office represent me and to be associated with yourself over this period of time. I have little experience with law, lawyers, judges prior to this matter. I have heard in the past that lawyers are to be referred to as crooks / sharks. But this is not to be in your case. Over the past two years we had many meetings, many trips to barrister offices and law court buildings. I have grown to understand you and your methods of practising law. I am pleased to say that I could not have picked a better lawyer to represent me. You showed honest and genuine qualities in my situation rather than be motivated by money. Through your work persistence and expertise, I was successful in achieving unthinkable goals.
Joanne, in my opinion you are head and shoulders above the rest. I really appreciate what you have done over the past two years, so on behalf of my two boys we thank you very very much. Keep up the good work. You are doing a great job.

Mr A.G.

It gives me great pleasure to write this Testimonial for you in appreciation of all the work and assistance you provided to my family and business over the past five years.
You are not only a competent and professional solicitor, but you are a friend whom I can trust. Your assistance with the purchase of my various property interests and the drafting of the commercial leases relevant to them have assisted me greatly and I also appreciate the advise you provided on various employment issues and other matters.

I look forward to continuing our business and professional relationships into the future. Yours sincerely

Mrs L.M.

To Whom It May Concern,

I had lost a custody case with my daughter and I was struggling with a shonky solicitor who took over 1 year to begin visiting rights/ custody of my son.

By the time I met Joanne Sharah, I was very jaded with the legal system and did'nt trust solicitors.
Joanne was able to see through my emotional baggage to get the facts she needed to make things happen.
She was always very focused. Joanne can be sympathetic without being patronising, which was a big plus.
I believe that she understands the importance of Aboriginal people keeping their family ties and the bond between mother's and their children.

Thankfully now I have visiting rights with my son.
I think I was very lucky in finding Joanne Sharah to help us!
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