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Joanne Sharah is a qualified Mediator experienced in family dispute resolution. There are many reasons to opt for mediation rather than litigation.


  • Mediation provides another way to resolve disputes between parties
  • Mediation is required by law or contract
  • Mediation can assist with future litigation even if it does not resolve the dispute
  • Mediation can resolve a number of your aims, not restricted to legal issues
  • Parties are likely to comply with an agreement reached in mediation
  • Mediation is a confidential process
  • Mediation can be a faster and cheaper option than litigation
  • Mediation provides an opportunity for parties to resolve disputes while still preserving relationships
  • Mediation allows you to communicate directly with the opposing party
  • Mediation empowers the parties to determine their own compromise and can be very satisfying
  • Mediation allows parties to move beyond blame and fault and focus on the future
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